Sunday, June 24, 2012

Song for Sunday: Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is a favorite recent find of mine. They're a relatively new band, with only one EP out, but what they have so far is fantastic. Their sound is somewhere between Coldplay and The Killers, along the lines of OneRepublic. However, when they play acoustically, there's a lovely folk element to their music. Here's their acoustic performance of "It's Time":

The Occidental Saloon Presents Provo/Las Vegas Artist Imagine Dragons performing "It's Time"
All audio and video recorded on location in Provo Utah at the Cheesman home
Directed by: Isaac Halasima and Matt Eastin
Produced by: Corey Fox and Dean Cheesman
Shot by: Matt Eastin, Isaac Halasima, Russ Mayo, and Spencer Rich
Audio by: Daren Smith and Dean Cheesman
Edited by: Isaac Halasima
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Like what you hear? They're offering a free track from their upcoming album Night Visions (out on September 4th) on their site.

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