Thursday, December 15, 2011

DIY Special: A Bubble Chandelier

These are some picture of a lovely light fixture I made for myself before moving into my new apartment two years ago. The original inspiration was Jean Pelle's Bubble Chandelier, and I loosely followed some DIY instructions she published in ReadyMade magazine. The total cost is $75 dollars, but I used clear glass ornaments instead of the CB2 glass balls and saved a bit of money. Overall, it cost me a few hours and about $40, and I still love it two years later. It can be a little tricky to clean, but since I used the clear glass ornaments, I just buy new ones every year and swap them out. The effect in the photos comes from filling some of the ornaments about halfway with water. Here's the tutorial from the February/March 2009 issue of ReadyMade that I based my project on. Enjoy!

Made by Kara Haberstock, photos by Kara Haberstock, all rights reserved

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