Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's happening in Libya and Egypt

Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, photo by Ben Curtis, Associated Press

As an International Studies major, I like to keep up on my news, and I've been following the events unfolding in Libya and Egypt. I thought I would share some of the better articles I have found describing the events of the last 24 hours and their significance, along with the significant reactions to these events from key U.S. political figures.

An overview of the last 24 hours from Al Jazeera (my go-to news source) 

This Foreign Policy article on the Salafi Movement provides a good primer on some of the conflicts going on between groups within Islam and questions of governance

An Egyptian blogger responds to the protests in Egypt

Slate's Fred Kaplan analyzes the events in Libya and Egypt and the US response

The Secretary of State's statement regarding Libya 

The President's statement regarding Libya and tribute to Amb. J Christopher Stevens

The Republican presidential nominee's statement regarding Libya and Egypt

The official twitter feed of the US Embassy in Cairo

I hope this is informative. 

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