Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Song for Sunday: Seabear

"Hand Remember" by Seabear, starring the most fascinating carpet ever. I do enjoy listening to Seabear, but I must confess that I posted this mostly for the video-- it's just so wonderfully weird.

Directed by: Lars Skjelbreia,
This video is included in Seabears debut cd "the ghost that carries us away", release on morr music.

In case the crazy carpet was too much for you, here's a more normal video. But really, Seabear just always has weird and creative music videos. There's a peculiarly lovely charm to them.

directed by: ingibjörg birgisdóttir & sindri már sigfússon, 
second video for Seabear´s debut "The Ghost That Carried Us Away"

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