Thursday, August 23, 2012

Short Film: Fox Hat

I apologize for the sporadic posting this week- it's the first week of school and things got crazy much more quickly than I expected them to.
Anyways, this film, Fox Hat, is absolutely beautiful. I love the artwork and the animation. This version has been translated from Korean (click to watch the original). My partiality to foxes might have also influenced this pick. It's a lovely piece for a quick break in the day.

fox hat (english ver.) from earth design works on Vimeo.
Director : Kim, Young-jun (Earth Design Works)
Animation : Kim, Young-jun / Kim, Ji-su
Original : Kim, Seung-youn
Music : Ko, Jin-young / Park, Hyun-woo
Progression : Chun, Sang-hyun (Picturebook SangSang)

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