Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday's Short Film: Incident on Marmot Ave

This short film by Barry Anderssen did a magnificent job of building tension- I must say I was a bit worried. Cinematography is great as well. Enjoy:

On November 12, 2011 the police were called to an incident at 1701 Marmont Avenue. This short film is the story of what happened that night.
William Mapother   Jude Ciccolella   Sonal Shah  Adria Tennor   Greg Hain  Michael Patrick McCaffrey  Hayden Croteau
Director: Barry Andersson  
Writer: Janie L Geyen  
Producers: Mitch Aunger, Janie L Geyen and Barry Andersson Director of Photography: Julien Lasseur  
This project is one of the first narrative films to showcase the Canon 5D Mark III. We are excited to present a project that shows what DSLR technology can do for independent filmmakers at any budget. The entire film was shot on Zeiss CP.2 lenses courtesy of Carl Zeiss (  
Contact Barry Andersson: Contact Janie L Geyen:

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