Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday!

Sugar Cookies by Heather Baird

It's finally the weekend! I have one term paper written, but another paper still need to be finished, along with a fellowship application to submit and a Russian final to study for (eeps!). So I know what I will be doing this weekend. However, I hope that you have more fun plans for your first December weekend. Perhaps some Christmas shopping or decorating? It's finally that festive season yet again...

A lovely (free!) December calendar

Black and white Christmas decorations?

All sorts of lovely December giveaways

Classrooms around the world

Pretty (and tasty) asian pear tartlets

Anthology's wonderful holiday gift guide

Grow your own mushrooms
(I know I put this in the gift guide...but it's so AWESOME!)

The history of peanut butter

Have a wonderful weekend!

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