Thursday, November 15, 2012

Short Film: Champagne Capitalist

I love this cute short film about an intrepid and imaginative little girl and a splendid horse race. I too was a horse-crazy little girl with a very active imagination and fond memories of watching horse races with my grandfather. However, given the lack of champagne-filled dinner parties at our house, most of our childhood races took place on our big, sloping driveway with a handful of HotWheels cars. (My trusty all-metal miniature Mustang usually won.) What sorts of memories do you have from childhood?

Tiring of her parents' boring dinner parties, a young girl comes up with a surprising scheme to make this one work for her.
Film by Faye Planer and Tristan Martin; DOP - Guy Gotto; Composer and Sound Designer - Sami El-Enany
Sound Mastering - Joseph Munday; Piano - Sami El-Enany; Violin - Caragh Campbell ; Cello - Rosalind Asprey
Executive Producer - Marta Sala Font; Animation Assistants - Patrick Burley and Daniel Levin; Production Assistant - Jonathan Levin

Winning Girl - Eve Reekie; Losing Boy - Joshua Matengu; Losing Girl - Leila Biggs ; Host - Duncan Reekie; Hostess - Colette Reekie ; Guest 1 - Nina Planer ; Guest 2 - Adrian Matengu ; Guest 3 - Andy Parks ; Guest 4 - Anna Orford
Funded by the Ex-Animo Online Film Fund Scheme as part of the Roundhouse’s Creative Programme for 11-25’s.

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