Sunday, November 18, 2012

Songs for Sunday: Mike Edel

My latest favorite find: Mike Edel, who is apparently quite well-known in his current home city of Victoria, British Columbia (Canada). His debut album, The Last of our Mountains, came out last year and included this lovely song:

We trekked to the harvest on the prairies looking for ocean skies and fields to make a film about the search for youth, the loss of it and a need for something outside of us. It took 5 good friends, a van, dog, gun, mirror and many wheat fields until we looked no further and wheeled ourselves back to the Coast. The direction was a collaborative effort of Jordan Clarke (, Kasey Lum ( and Mike Edel with the help of the long haired fellow (Josh Bauer), the girl (Julia De Courcy) and Zip (the dog).

On a somewhat unrelated note, here are a few of my favorite comics pertaining to Canada by the wonderful Kate Beaton (this one is the best)

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