Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Coffee by workisnotajob on Deviant Art
It's finally Friday....but unfortunately there will be no breaks for me. I'm classifying 76 regimes over a twenty year period and coding them for my dataset, and with 700 observations done, but 700 more to go, it looks like I will be working straight through the weekend. (I will be drinking copious amounts of coffee.) But I did manage to find a few links for you in my (very brief) free time this week:

This dress is absolutely stunning

Vintage magazines make beautiful envelopes

Have you ever infused sugar? (I want to try it)

This illustrated story made me laugh

Quick, simple, and lovely DIY gilded clothespins

How gorgeous is this Italian villa?

This post about a lemonade stand on Not Without Salt was absolutely striking

Have a wonderful weekend (and wish me luck)!

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