Sunday, July 1, 2012

Songs for Sunday: Mikaela Kahn

I have recently learned that Denton has a thriving local music scene, and this last Friday night, I attended my first live show in Denton at a charming little venue called ArtSix. It was just a tiny little album release show on the backyard stage of this local house-turned-coffeeshop, but the atmosphere was quite lovely and perfect for a summer night. Mikaela Kahn, an undergraduate at the music school here at UNT, was one of two artists playing in the backyard, and her performance was wonderful. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous, and her songwriting is pretty solid. Her overall sound is very evocative of Sara Bareilles (a personal favorite). Check her out her brand-new EP:

Is she great? You can download her EP on her website for free! (Just click on the "Music" tab)

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