Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to Normal

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I apologize for my absence this week. It was a bit of a frightening week. I posted on Monday about a flare-up that Nate had on Sunday. Unfortunately, Sunday night wasn't the end of the story-- three trips to the emergency room turned into an admittance into the hospital on Tuesday because of some complications. I flew back to Tucson from Texas to be there (my program was fortunately very understanding of the situation).

Thankfully, the first treatment option worked and we were out of the hospital on Thursday. We had one good day (out of the hospital) to spend together before I boarded a plane back to Texas this evening to finish out my program. He is almost back to 100% healthy-- it'll just take a few days to keep healing up. But my heart is much lighter, and we are both very thankful for all your prayers. Life should be just about back to normal, and you can expect to see the regular posts back up starting on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend!

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