Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally Home

Thirteen hours of driving across the southwest corner of the country gives one a distinct appreciation for home. A bed, a pillow, the ability to stretch one's legs-- these are the simple comforts. The flurry of family and friends is always nice, the necessary grocery runs and dropping-by at the nearest Walgreen's a bit of a hassle, but a warmly familiar one at that. One never gets accustomed to the summer heat, true, but the always-stunning sunsets and thundering monsoons are well-worth the discomfort. The well-worn road from Tucson to Phoenix and back seems much simpler after one's cross-country treks. Home-cooked food is never to be complained about.

But the most telling signs of home are the simple looks, the smiling faces, the arms outstretched at the door. The familiar embrace, the shared laughs, the first night spent up a bit too late-- now I am home. Waking up to the sunlight in the bed from the southern window, breakfast on the burner that always smells a little hot, fresh-roasted coffee at the table in the corner-- now I am home. The scuffed floor, tangled sheets, water just-a-bit-too-hot--now I am home. 

I missed you Tucson.

Photo by Kara Haberstock (my room- yay!), all rights reserved

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