Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday's Music: The Lumineers

I think this live sesssion by the Lumineers was my favorite find this weekend. I know "Ho Hey" is the song that everyone's familiar with, but "Charlie Boy" is my favorite song by them by far (cello + mandolin= love). Overall, I think it makes for a great listen on a sunny Monday morning:

The Lumineers performed a live, intimate session with Liveset from @thecajunboy's house in the lower garden district of New Orleans. The Lumineers played, Liveset filmed, Brett cooked, and we all retired to his back porch after the show to relax and hear stories from the road. Produced by Ross Hinkle, Rachel Puckett and Ben Lavender for Liveset. Shot by Hunter Holder. Bottlerocket mics provided by Tyler Barth at Blue Mic. With special thanks to Wes, Jer, and Neyla, Hank and Brett (@thecajunboy).

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