Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inspired: Vivian Maier

I'm back! Two papers, two exams, and one job application down, all in two days. It's quite nice to be done with the midterm rush. Today's post was so much fun for me to write- Vivian Maier is one of my favorite photographers. I could look at her photographs all day.

10 Sept 1955
Self Portrait
Vivian Maier is a fascinating figure.  Working for all her life as a nanny in New York and Chicago, she carried her camera with her everywhere, capturing scenes of everyday life.  Little is known about her personal life-- those who knew her describe her as a quiet, solitary person. Her negatives were only discovered by accident when the contents of one of her lockers were auctioned off; and her tremendous talent was only realized after her death. Since then, John Maloof, the Chicago real estate agent who discovered her work, has been curating and archiving her work, which has drawn international acclaim. 

1955,  New York, NY
Maloof described Vivian as giving a voice to the voiceless with her camera
2 Dec 1954, New York, NY
But Vivian's work captured all sorts of people, rich and poor
1953, New York, NY
Her photographs document everyday life in the post-war boom
22 Aug 1956, Chicago, IL
Both moments of rest
1957, Chicago, IL
And of work
Undated, Canada 
The young
1958, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
The old
Undated, Unknown
And beauty

All photographs by Vivian Maier

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