Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunflowers and Sunshine

The sun shines brightly this morning. The air, crisp and cool, imparts a slight chill and whispers that autumn has finally arrived. I gather my books and nudge the door shut behind me as I make my morning commute from my cozy apartment home to the campus coffeeshop affectionately known as my "office." A slight breeze ruffles the slender trees framed in the sunlight streaming through picture-glass windows. I sit with my coffee, open my book, search for my pencil, and get to work.

Days like these remind me to be thankful.

Fall is my favorite season. The creeping cold brings welcome respite from the summer's scorching heat, the plants spring back to life, and it becomes again possible to sleep with the windows cracked open, under a cool evening breeze. And for some reason, perhaps a telling mark of my American upbringing, fall seems to be a season of exceptional gratefulness. It offers a gentle reminder of the beauty of the city I call home, a chance to marvel at the wonder of changing trees, and the rediscovery of simple joys of hot drinks and curling up under a warm blanket. 

I finally caught up on my photo editing after weeks of being buried in other, more pressing tasks, and it was wonderful to stop, slow down, and remember some of the things I've seen and made in the past few months.

This morning I have a few photos of sunflowers to share-- the last remnants of summer that found their way to my table, a reminder to be grateful for passing beauty, a happy pop of color on a Monday morning. I am thankful for sunflowers and sunshine. And I now happily look forward to fall. 

All photos belong to Kara Haberstock, all rights reserved

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