Monday, February 27, 2012

Recipe Roundup: Five-Minute Lunch

I like to experiment in the kitchen a bit, and I had a recent experiment that turned out quite well, so I thought I'd share:

Five Minute Lunch

Tomato-Feta Couscous Salad
(a.k.a. An incredibly healthy, easy, and delicious lunch you can make in five minutes)

1 cup dry couscous

1 cup water
2 tbs. butter
pinch of salt, plus salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Garlic powder to taste

Handful of cherry or grape tomatoes (I used yellow grape tomatoes from Trader Joe's)
Crumbled Feta cheese to taste

Prepare couscous according to package. I use Trader Joe's whole wheat couscous, which takes about five minutes in the microwave. For their couscous, combine dry couscous, water, butter, and pinch of salt in a microwave-safe dish. Microwave for 3.5 minutes on high. Let sit for up to five minutes. Fluff with fork.

While microwaving couscous, cut your tomatoes in half. Once couscous is done, add feta, tomatoes, and desired seasonings.

Enjoy your delicious and healthy lunch!

Tomato-Feta Couscous Salad

*Note: any other vegetables can be added to this mix if desired. I've tried this with roasted squash and roasted zucchini, and spinach in addition to the tomatoes and it was very tasty.
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