Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Links: Human Trafficking

Like other types of crime, slavery has changed over time [GALLO/GETTY]- via Al Jazeera

I apologize for not getting these up yesterday (things got a little crazy around here). Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely week. Mine was definitely much more restful than last week. I've rounded up quite a few links for you all, but I have to warn you that these aren't my typical, lighthearted links. This week on campus, IEmpathize, an organization that raises awareness and supports the victims of human trafficking, sponsored multiple events and art exhibits meant to engage students and inform them about the serious problem of human trafficking and human slavery. There are currently about 27 million people in slavery around the world. I challenge you to look through these links and find out more about the human trafficking industry, human slavery, and what you can do to help. I can vouch that all organizations I link to are reputable and effective in the fight against human slavery.

Just yesterday I spotted this article in the New York Times that discusses slavery in Afghanistan

Al Jazeera has done an entire series on Modern-Day Slavery

What is modern-day slavery? What does it look like?
Check out this video from Not For Sale 

How many slaves work for you? Discover your slavery footprint (Yes, you have one. Mine is 35).

Watch this Ted Talk by Kevin Bales: How to Combat Modern Day Slavery.
Kevin Bales is one of the founders of Free The Slaves, an organization that seeks to liberate slaves and destroy the systems that hold them in slavery.

Check out the Free the Slaves interactive map to see where slavery is happening right now.

Here is a definition of human trafficking from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime

Child sex trafficking happens here in the US: check out this report from Shared Hope International

Learn more about human trafficking here in the US and what you can do. This is the US Department of Health's webpage for human trafficking

International Justice Mission is an incredible organization on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking and human slavery. They work to strengthen the legal systems to prevent slavery and trafficking, they work to hold perpetrators of these crimes accountable through the legal system, and they rescue and care for the victims of slavery and trafficking.

Check out this short video to find out what IJM does

Not For Sale is another amazing organization that supports community abolition activism and provides multiple ways for you to get involved in the fight against modern-day slavery. Check out their Slavery Map to see where cases of modern day slavery have been reported around the world

Also, check out Not For Sale's Free2Work site and app. You can check out the supply chain for the products you buy and see if they are made with slave labor. Learn the story behind the barcode

IEmpathize is an international child advocacy and media movement that seeks to partner with grassroots movements to find solutions to human trafficking. They focus especially on slavery and trafficking in Mexico, Southeast Asia, Russia, and the US.

For Tucson locals, Southern Arizona Against Slavery is an awesome community coalition to fight trafficking and slavery in Arizona (and it was founded by a couple friends of mine).

Streetlight Tucson is another organization that focuses on ending child sex slavery. They partner with local law enforcement and state and community organization to report slavery, rescue and rehabilitate victims, and to educate the community about these crimes.

Abolition Media is another great local anti-trafficking organization focused on mobilizing the creative arts community

Live in Phoenix? Check out Streetlight USA to learn how to get involved in the fight against child sex slavery

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