Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Returns and a New Year

 Morning Light over Lanikai Pillboxes, Oahu, Hawaii

I'm back! Nate and I landed in Phoenix on a red-eye flight from Honolulu at eight o'clock yesterday morning and drove down to Tucson just in time for me to make my first class of the week. Since then it's felt a bit like we've been thrown into the deep end- classes have started, work is making daily demands again, schedules need adjusting, homework has begun to pile up, the thesis is still waiting, one more reception begs for our attention, and on top of it all we're moving to a new apartment this weekend. It's still a crazy sort of time of change and new beginnings.

First of all- we're married! It's been ten days since the wedding and I'm still not sure it's hit me yet. We're still in the early, gawky stages of combining all our earthly possessions and figuring out how two schedules will fit together and how two apartments worth of stuff will somehow coalesce into one new home. At the same time, we're just beginning to peek ahead at where this year might take us- beyond the next six months (and my graduation), we have no clear idea of where exactly we're headed, but we're eagerly awaiting the next adventure. 

In the next few months I look forward to processing it all- the wedding, marriage, living life together with another person, finishing school, planning for the future- and this will be one of those spaces where I process. I'm hoping to add in some serious discussions that arise from my area of expertise- questions of politics, inequality, conflicts, and ethnic relations- from time to time. And on the lighter side, I have a new apartment to decorate, new pictures to share, new recipes to try, and new music to explore. In short, I have all sorts of new content that I am incredibly excited to share with all of you, and I hope you'll join me in this new year.

photo by Kara Haberstock, 2013, all rights reserved

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