Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Links

Happy Friday! Another crazy week is done. I don't know about you, but I'm greatly looking forward to spring break (one more week!). Spring break is definitely one reason why it's great to still be a student (along with winter break and summer break). As much as I'm beginning to feel ready to be done with my undergraduate education, I will greatly miss all the breaks and the flexible schedule. And the coffee-shop life: for those who don't know, my home away from home is a little independent coffee shop tucked up on the northwest side of campus.  Anyways, whether you have a spring break or not, I've rounded up a bunch of links for you to enjoy over the weekend:

There's a new collection by Marni coming to H&M. This dress is my favorite. (This one is a close second)

Flower nails would make anything you hang up even more adorable

I've been loving Morten Holtum's photography. (Click on the interior tab for my favorite photos).

Japanese masking tape everywhere!

I love how this house in Sydney is such an incredibly modern and light-filled home without disrupting the look of the surrounding neighborhood 

If you like fruit and coconut, make these healthy pancakes for breakfast- they're delicious and naturally sugar (and gluten) free!

One more absolutely incredible and unique house

This new travel magazine is awesome! The first issue of Wayfare Magazine is just brimming with lovely photos and wonderful features.

These grilled cheese sandwiches look so tasty...

Have a lovely weekend!

PS: if you live in Tucson, you can come visit me at the Tucson Organic Garden Fair this weekend! There's going to be lots of lovely plants and interesting things (and I'll be working there!).

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