Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's Short Films: Toilets and Laundry- Saving People and the Planet

I found this two lovely little films and felt they might actually go well together, since they both talk about intriguing ideas regarding mundane things that might help make the world a little better. Who knew toilets and laundry were so important?

The film Meet Mr. Toilet talks about revolutionary ideas regarding the simple toilet. Namely, everyone needs toilets (because toilets promote good sanitation, which promotes good health). Mr. Toilet seems like a pretty cool guy actually, and I think he's doing really valuable things with his toilet-promoting. What do you think?

Meet Mr. Toilet | Jessica Yu from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.
For those without access to a simple toilet, poop can be poison. Businessman-turned-sanitation-superhero Jack Sim fights this oft-neglected crisis affecting 2.6 billion people...
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Downriver Productions, LLC
DIRECTED BY - Jessica Yu
PRODUCED BY - Elise Pearlstein, Jessica Yu
EDITED BY - Adam Parker
MUSIC BY - Jeff Beal
ANIMATION BY - Chris Darnbrough

Second, this short film called Laundry talks about the difference between the American and European ways of doing laundry, and how it makes a big difference in energy consumption. I also love his discussion of the cultural collisions and rethinking that occurs when you spend time in a foreign country and culture. Thoughts?

Laundry from Josh Soskin on Vimeo.