Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Links

Beach baskets on the island of Hiddensee in the Baltic Sea  
Photo by Cristina Nehring via Conde Nast Traveler

It's Friday! I've had a great week- I officially declared my minor, registered for my last semester of college, applied for a summer research fellowship, and met with my adviser and got the okay to graduate in December. Plus I spent a bit of time with some lovely friends, and my Russian midterm went splendidly well. But even with all of this, I'm very ready for the weekend! So I gathered up some lovely links for you to end the week:

This breakfast tumblr looks so delicious

I saw this incredible rug over at Happiness Is earlier this week.

I really want to make these gnudi for dinner on Saturday (Have you ever heard of gnudi before? I definitely haven't, but they look amazing)

April Fools' Day is on Sunday! Do you have any tricks up your sleeve? I thought this prank from Oh Happy Day was especially clever

This house is so relaxed and lovely

Remember that film Laundry from yesterday? I found a Cacti Clothesline that would be so awesome in a backyard, and it was designed to help save energy. So great!

I love this typographic map of D.C.

My boyfriend and I went to Tucson Botanical Gardens last weekend and loved it. Gardens are a great spring outing! Are there any near you?

Are you doing anything fun for summer? I might be in Texas...but these island adventures look awesome!

Have a wonderful weekend!