Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recipe Roundup: A Five Minute Easy-peasy Treat (Orange-Coconut Yogurt Brulee)

The other day I made this super easy breakfast treat and it was delicious! I adapted this recipe from this brilliant post on Not Without Salt (an amazing food blog). All you need is a few simple ingredients:

Orange-Coconut Yogurt Brulee Pin It

Orange-Coconut Yogurt Brulee


Round Orange Slices
Greek Yogurt (as desired, enough to cover oranges- I prefer the plain stuff)
Coconut flakes (preferably toasted)
Granulated sugar

Place the orange slices in the bottom of a shallow dish or ramekin (four-inch ramkeins work great!). Sprinkle with some coconut flakes (if desired). Top with an even layer of greek yogurt. Top yogurt with a thin even coat of sugar. Now, if you have a brulee torch, use it to get that nice crust. If you're a poor college student like me, preheat your broiler. Once it's nice and hot, place your dish/ramekins in there for about 2-3 minutes until the sugar carmelizes on top to make that nice brulee crust. Don't leave them in there for too long. Take them out, top with more coconut flakes, and let them cool before enjoying your tasty treat!

I wish I had pictures for you, but I got so excited that I forgot to snap a few when they were done...oops!
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