Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's Short Film: Yoko Furusho: Live in Barcelona

This fun film from Show Love follows Yoko Furusho, a Japanese illustrator now living in New York, as she does a live painting on the front window of Ikiru, a Japanese store in Barcelona. As she paints, we get little glimpses of her life and her decision as a young adult to run away from home to study art in New York City. I love the composition of this film and its delightful score, as well as watching the joy that Yoko's painting brings to the people who stop on the street to watch her. I hope you enjoy:

Yoko Furusho: Live in Barcelona from Show Love on Vimeo.

JULY 30 & 31 -- Yoko Furusho ( is a New York based illustrator from Tokyo invited to show her work in traditional Japanese store, Ikiru (, located in the heart of the Born neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain. She offered to come in person and do a live painting instead to the utter delight of the store's dynamic press officer Irem and owner Guillermo. What Women Make followed her progress over the course of the weekend. Read more about the artist at

PS: If you liked this film, check out the rest of Show Love's films! They are a really cool film-making pair that seeks to tell the stories of awesome people, companies, and organizations. Check out their Vimeo channel here.