Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Links

Castle Staker, Apin, Scotland

I survived! Actually, all of my major midterms got pushed back to next Tuesday (which really isn't even mid-semester anymore), but I'm feeling much more on top of things at the moment. On Wednesday, my mum and my lovely sister came down from Phoenix for a short visit, which was lots of fun. They got to experience the tasty Vietnamese restaurant that is just a few blocks from my house, and they took their first trip to the Lost Barrio, a quirky set of little vintage shops and import shops that always sell the most lovely things. And even with their midweek visit, I squeezed a tiny bit of research in this week.
At this point, my weekend looks pretty relaxed, which will be quite nice. I've learned to greatly appreciate a lazy Saturday. For this weekend, I've rounded up a bunch of links for you. Hope you enjoy!

Easter is in two weeks! Check out this post by Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day for lots of fun egg-decorating projects

This DIY Nautical Bracelet is absolutely lovely. I'm thinking of making one with some leather scraps I have in my craft box. (It won't be quite so nautical, but should still be cute).

I made this souffle recipe a few weeks ago. It's not to fussy and very tasty, perfect for the souffle-intimidated (like me! Anything that requires an electric mixer/beater is scary).

How awesome would it be to visit this castle?

This dress from Ruche is so perfect for spring!

Check out this article about the society-changing metro system in Medellin, Colombia (So awesome!)

This curated photography site always has fantastic and inspiring photos

These Pantone Color Dessert Tarts are awesome

Have a lovely weekend!